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Domeo Resources International

What makes us unique

We are a prolific organisation which proffers HR and Management Consultancy solutions premised on excellence and innovation. DRI analyses various organisational problems, develops improvement plans, deploys those plans and monitors the plans to ensure improved organisational performance.

The people behind DRI

Board of directors

Dr. Timothy .I. Obiaga

Dr. Obiaga has immense wealth of experience across a plethora of platforms. 1st Director - General and 2nd Chief Executive of the National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure (NASENI), 1998 - 2003. Acting Vice-Chairman of the Agency, 1997 - 1998. Coordinating Director of Engineering in the Agency, 1992 - 1997. Director, Industrial Sciences and Energy Research, FMST, 1983 - 1991.

Ayo Ayinde

Managing Director (MD)
Ayo Ayinde is a management and HR consultant with over 14 years’ professional experience. She earned her degree in Sociology from the Lagos State University and over the years has continued to expand her knowledge and experience base through continuous formal and on the job education whilst working in different sectors of the Nigerian economy.

Ijeoma Ann Nwafor

With a post-masters degree in psychology, giving her a Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS, 2003) with a focus on Industrial and Organisational Psychology.This advanced degree allowed her to seat and pass a license exam to become an LCPC (License Certificate Professional Counselor) in the same year.

Thrice as much

We always provide exceptional value

We ensure value creation and implementation that is thrice as much as the client’s budget. In every industry we service, we achieve more with less.



Great attention to detail is paid to guarantee a streamlined and sustainable implementation of strategies and policies.



We operate with industry best practices in ethics and accountability; to ensure transparency, sustainability and functionality of businesses.



We create custom built solutions that are tailor-made for your business. We constantly push the limits through transformative strategies and policy formulation and innovative ideas.

custom solutions guaranteed to drive growth

Our multi-disciplinary HR and Management Consultants, service major global brands and Fortune 500 companies to ensure continuous operational improvement, efficiency and sustainable organisational development.



Yepimo is 6 months empowerment program aimed at human capita development in IMO state. The program is focused on three major groups – entrepreneurs, graduates seeking to further their studies and graduates seeking good paying jobs.

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Learn valuable skills that are guaranteed to increase your value within yours or your employer’s organization.

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