About Us

We're People-oriented

Our Core values

Domeo Resources International (DRI) is a prolific organisation which proffers HR and Management Consultancy solutions premised on excellence and innovation. DRI analyses various organisational problems, develops improvement plans, deploys those plans and monitors the plans to ensure improved organisational performance.



Great attention to detail is paid to guarantee a streamlined and sustainable implementation of strategies and policies.



We operate with industry best practices in ethics and accountability; to ensure transparency, sustainability and functionality of businesses.



We create custom built solutions that are tailor-made for your business. We constantly push the limits through transformative strategies and policy formulation and innovative ideas.

Our Divisions

We are strategically departmentalized into 4 divisions, that guarantees your company's growth and stability.

1. Learning & Development

DRI provides customized Learning and Development Solutions for various industry areas. Our multi-disciplinary consultants ensure adequate analysis of clients’ pain point, identify needs and achieve desired outcomes at the end of every learning and development experience. As Learning and Development Consultants, we ensure up to date industry knowledge is accessible by our clients to enable them make informed decisions in achieving the organisations’ strategic objectives.
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2. People & Change Management

At the core of every establishment is its people! They must be improved and strategically managed to achieve organisational success. The People and Change Management Division ensures that clients’ organisational challenges are converted into opportunities for success and improvement. Our consultants help clients create immense value and sustainable competitive advantage by ensuring individuals, teams and organisations maximize the benefits of change as well as the capabilities of its people.

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3. Process & policy transformation

In DRI, our world class Process and Policy Consultants analyse, design and redesign business processes, policies and workflows. The goal is to strategically improve how organisations perform business, cut operational costs, carve a niche in the market and develop increased competitive advantage.
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4. Business expansion services

The DRI Business Expansion Specialists work with clients to ensure the strategic development and expansion of their businesses in various industries.
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ready to transform the way you do business?

We provide a wide range of solutions that are guaranteed to elevate your organization, no matter what industry you operate in.